Dr. Troxel’s Practice

Steamboat Springs Endodontist with Root Canal patient


My practice philosophy is very simple — Do the Right Thing. That first means to treat patients as human beings rather than transactional commodities. It means to give each patient the time and attention they deserve, in order to carefully explain their problem and the means by which we can resolve it. It means to give each treatment the proper amount of clinical time and appointments it deserves, thereby maximizing quality, prognosis, and outcome. It means to give back to the community that has given so much to you.



Dr. Troxel utilizes a microscope to perform all root canals and surgical procedures under high magnification. The microscope illuminates and magnifies an otherwise dark and minute area. The canals of your teeth can be as narrow as a strand of hair, and without the aid of a microscope can be easily missed.


Dr. Troxel is trained on advanced radiography, including dental CT scans. These scans offer a three dimensional view of a tooth, and allows Dr. Troxel to identify unusual anatomy, missed canals, cracked teeth, and hidden infections.

Digital X-rays

In addition to CBCT’s, Dr. Troxel also utilizes digital two-dimensional x-rays. Digital x-rays allow lower exposure to patients, while yielding a higher resolution product. They are used before, during, and after treatment to confirm progress and quality.


The ultrasonic is an acoustic instrument, which allows Dr. Troxel to conservatively access difficult areas of your tooth. These instruments are used to treat calcified canals, remove broken instruments, locate extra canals, and remove posts.


The EndoActivator uses polymer tips and sonic energy to agitate the antibacterial irrigants used during treatment. Activated fluids promote deep cleaning into hard-to-reach canal anatomy. Inadequate cleaning of these spaces can lead to re-infection. Evidence suggests that the use of the device and its disinfecting capabilities promotes the long-term success of root canal therapy.


Dr. Troxel is conveniently located in Steamboat Springs, in order to better serve the mountain corridor communities of Grand, Jackson, Routt, Moffat, and Rio Blanco counties. Dr. Troxel is the first and only local full-time endodontist in the Steamboat Springs area. Endodontically, this has been a historically under-served community, with the nearest endodontist over 80 miles away!